Welcome to TCEP

TCEP, previously known as Thuto Lere Community Empowerment Programme is an affirmable organization whose goal is to develop and empower the expertise of South Africans.
The organization was born after the realization that there is a dire need for Skills Development within our communities and in line with the government policy to support and develop our disadvantaged vulnerable groups.   Taking this policy in hand we are ready to turn our collective skills & expertise into development opportunities.

The rapid expansion and growth of significant key industries within our communities, has created a demand for specialized skills, which often cannot be met within the resources of a single company.   TCEP strives to close this gap between demand and supply.

The attractiveness of this venture lies with the fact that the skills development which is demanded, will be utilized not only by the corporate market but also by our existing and emerging Small, Medium & Micro Enterprises, as well as community organizations.


Utilizing Quality Management Principles;

Being responsive to changing requirements;

Working in National, Provincial & Local Contexts;

Committing to the maintenance of high ethical standards;

Striving continuously for improved productivity and service;

Taking accountability for our actions.



To meet the needs of all people within our communities;

Promoting the awareness of the value of making use of our service;

Broaden the market potential of Stakeholders within our underdeveloped communities.


To carry out our activities with respect to our environment.



To build a team committed and able to achieve our objectives by striving to install a sense of self worth amongst each employee;

Providing our team with the opportunities to develop themselves;

Attending to the basic and social needs of the team;

Motivating the team by selecting the best person for the month/year;

Rewarding the team appropriately in accordance with their skills & performance.